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March 1, 2010

Britain UFO Sightings Spike

If you're interested in the paranormal and UFO's, then you have probably already heard that England's Ministry of Defense released thousands of pages of documents last week, effectively declassifying all of their UFO research and investigations over the past decades. It seems that this has peaked interest in paranormal phenomena again, as sightings of UFO's have spiked recently. Or, perhaps, the aliens are dropping by to see what all the fuss is about.

Sightings of strange objects in the sky in the Scottish Highlands was capped off by a report from Nairn, where a nighttime sojourner saw a glowing, orange fireball on February 14, travelling soundlessly in a straight line before disappearing into the clouds. Okay, sounds intriguing, but there is just not much information there. It could be anything, even just a fancy story.

More solid, and more well reported by far, is the photo taken by intrepid UFO watcher Tom Cooke of St. Helens outside his home on Tuesday, February 16th. When the nine-year-old saw two flaming orange lights gliding side by side in the night air he whipped out his cell phone camera and snapped a pretty clear image of the lights. He was convinced they were UFO's. If interest in the story is any indicator, a whole lot of others are convinced, too.

So. Does releasing tons of documented sightings engender more sightings? Does it spark the imagination, leading to flights of fancy whenever a ball of marsh gas rises above the murk? Or does it sharpen people's eyes, cause them to look upwards more often, and perhaps catch a glimpse of an answer to the ancient question - are we alone? That, dear reader, we leave to you to decide. We know what we believe.

I think we'll go stargazing tonight.

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