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December 27, 2009

Intuition Catches The Playboy Poisoner

In 1916, New York City, the notorious Dr. Arthur W. Waite, decided to try his hand at germ warfare - to kill his father-in-law, John Peck.

The nefarious dentist first killed his mother-in-law by lacing her food with influenza and diphtheria germs. After that went smoothly he set out to insert a fatal sickness into Mr. Peck's system, in hopes of inheriting a lucrative fortune.

Billions of germs resided in his bacteriological laboratory and Waite administered typhoid, diphtheria, and pneumonia organisms while working on him in the dentist chair. He even concocted a deadly nasal spray which his father-in-law used but suffered no ill effects from. Eventually the poisoner's patience ran out and he gave the older man an overdose of arsenic.

Elizabeth Hardwick, a schoolteacher and distant relative, happened to hear of Waite acting rudely towards her father, completely out of character from the Doctor'ss usual suave demeanor. This little bit of news gave weight to suspicions Elizabeth had been ignoring about the man and prompted her to send an anonymous telegram to his son "Suspicion aroused. Demand autopsy."

Investigation quickly proved Waite's guilt. He was electrocuted the following year.

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