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February 2, 2010

Nfld Premier Danny Williams a 'UFO Guy"

The Newfoundland UFO sighting at Harbour Mille on January 25 is a story that, like the rocket it resembled, seems to keep on going up. People from all walks of life are discussing it, offering opinions, and having fun with the story, as well as taking it seriously enough to investigate. Newfoundland's Premier, Danny Williams, is following the story with interest, calling himself a UFO guy.

Darlene Stewart and her friend, Elly Pardy, were photographing the sunset on January 25 when they saw several bullet-like objects seem to rise out of the ocean and go streaking across the sky, leaving flaming trails behind them. The phenomena were visible for up to ten minutes, and they took several pictures.

The news immediately spread. The UFO's have been investigated by the RCMP, the Canadian military, and contact was made with other militaries to see if any missile tests were being performed anywhere in the area. Apparently, they were not.

In the usual search for reasonable explanations, theories have been advanced that it was model rocket enthusiasts shooting off rockets, or that it was the 'December phenomenon', when sunset's slanting rays can make an aircraft contrail light up like fire.

First off, nobody in Harbour Mille has model rockets as a hobby, nor are they likely to shoot them off from the ocean. And one look at the photos show the objects and their flaming tails to look nothing like an aircraft or its jetstream.

In the absence of answers, this sighting remains a UFO. And that suits Premier Danny Williams just fine, who enjoys a good unexplained mystery. He is headed for heart surgery that will sideline him for a number of weeks. Perhaps he needs a copy of Almanac of The Infamous, The Incredible, and The Ignored to give him a spoonful of laughter and a dose of wonder during his convalescence. Not that anybody who lives in Newfoundland is any stranger to wonder, of course.

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