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January 4, 2010

UFO Reporting Turns Official

UFO sightings now have an official place to be logged and recorded, thanks to Phillipe Ailleris and the International Year of Astronomy. Now relabelled Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (UAP), strange night-time lights and objects can now be recorded, in as much detail as possible, at Ailleris' new website,

UAP are usually seen at night, when both professional and amateur astronomers have myriad lenses pointed at the sky. They are the most likely people to spot strange lights in the sky, and - more importantly - the most likely to know how to accurately report what they have seen. seeks to catalog these sightings and add to the body of knowledge about UFO's, UAP's, and false alarms. The site has a comprehensive questionnaire to complete asking for specific details. It also has a section on common mistaken sightings, such as ball lightning and satellites.

We are all in favour of more detailed, critical analysis and insight into the UFO phenomenon. In our way of thinking, the more we can level a critical eye at the unexplained, the more we will find truly unusual events which will slip through our analysis like watermelon seeds.

The more we look, the more wonder we will find. Go, Phillipe! And keep us all informed of what you, and thousands of informed eyes, discover about our strange sky.

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