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February 14, 2010

Ancient Shipwreck

What was life like 3000 years ago?

Many of us, if you are as time challenged as I can be, might imagine our hallowed ancestors hopping around with knuckles dragging along the ground, and grunting out a few syllables, trying to develop a communication system. ... not unlike a late Saturday night at many of the current alcoholic watering holes.

I'm kidding - I think...

But no! Well yes, I am kidding, but no - they were much more 'civilized' than that.

Evidence in the form of an ancient shipwreck - although in truth it is more the size of a large canoe than a ship - is proving that trade was very active between Britain and the Continent even a thousand years before Christ. And this isn't the first time a vessel from that era has been found. The illustration is a 'remake' of a photo by Bill Curtsinger of a gold chalice and a two handled cup found amid wreckage of an ancient merchant vessel that sank near Turkey some 3400 years ago.

Things like this are very exciting to me. I would love to travel the world exploring archeological sites, ancient forests and medieval castles. Anyone want to pay me to do that?

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