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December 30, 2009

Weather Phenomenon - Roll Cloud Startles Nova Scotia

On April 28, 2009, residents of Southern Nova Scotia were weathering another blustery Atlantic day when the wind suddenly increased to shrieking intensity, picking up rocks and hurling lawn furniture. Those who ventured outside saw an incredibly rare meteorological phenomenon - a roll cloud. A long sausage of dense, dark cloud extended from horizon to horizon, barreling along just over their heads. In moments the cloud was gone, and along with it the wind.

"The trees in the backyard seemed to bend in two and my lawnchairs, shovel, rake and everything else on the deck and surrounding area lifted to the other side of the yard and deck in a matter of seconds," said Amanda Lewis, who lives in the Kingston/Greenwood area. "I ran out to grab what I could before it disappeared. The wind was so strong I had a hard time opening our side door and could barely walk to the deck." Read more eyewitness accounts, and see video footage of the event, in the original article from the Yarmouth County Vanguard.

Mother Nature most often gives us a calm, reassuring regularity to her rhythms. Every once in awhile, though, She lets loose with something special, out of the ordinary, startling. Just to keep us on our toes. Thanks, Mom.

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