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December 19, 2009

UFO Over Moscow

It's in the news again. that triangular shaped unidentified flying object that speeds in and out of earth's atmosphere every so often, this time appearing over Red Square in Moscow. Won't be long before someone gives us a 'logical' explanation.

Before the British Ministry of Defense pulled its UFO Hotline service, they use to look into this type of phenomenon. And they were kept very busy back in 1989, 1990.

At that time they investigated a huge wave of space craft sightings making impossible manuveurs over Belgium. These airships were observed to be moving at extreme speeds; extremely slowly at one end of the spectrum (20 miles per hour) and extremely fast (thousands of miles per hour) at the other end. In one night, at the end of March, 1990, the Belgian Air Force received 2,700 reports of UFO sightings from civilians and military. Compare this to the usual 250 reports per year. You can read more about this under March 30th in the Almanac.

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