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December 8, 2009

Horse Braids

Alright all you folks with horses - have you ever discovered your equine friend had possibly gone to the beauty parlour overnight? Some owners and riders have been finding their horses hair has been done up in plaits for no apparent reason. An article in the tells of animals in Dorset who have been sporting a new do, much to the puzzlement of investigators.

Thieves have been suspected, but really, when you are trying to make a getaway wouldn't it be smarter to ride the horse than do its hair? Besides, nothing has been stolen.

Others suspect it's the wind. Pretty dexterous. Besides, some of the braids are down by the withers - a little low for a gust to get fancy. A warlock suggested it is part of a ritual in white magic but I have a better suggestion - Fairies!

This is not the first time I've heard of this phenomenon. At least one incident took place in 1906 when a captain in the Bavarian cavalry had a horse who got sick and was found by the groom each morning covered in sweat with his mane and tail braided. The captain spent the night in the stall and in the early morning hours was astonished to see the animal begin to tremble and his mane and tail become whipped into intricate plaits, leaving the horse coated in foam.

Anyone else have this experience with their horses?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not me personally, but it's very common over here in Sweden. It is said that the nature spirits do this for fun as a trick. Sometimes they even do it on people with very long hair.

December 11, 2012


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