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May 16, 2012

Pets to the Rescue

We all know animals are much smarter than we usually think but it's incredible how much smarter they actually are. It seems like many of them can access that 80% of unused brain that most of us human beings ignore.

In February, 1939, St Bernard dogs in the Swiss Alps refused, for the first time ever, to go for their morning walk with the monks. An hour later an avalanche engulfed the part of the track that they would have been on in normal circumstances.

In 1783 dogs in Messina, Italy, howled so uncontrollably before an earthquake that they could be silenced only by being shot. Bet they regretted that after the dust had settled.

Adele Holzer was driving with her normally sleeping cat in the back seat when the pet became agitated and jumped up front with her, meowing and tapping her arm. When the cat began nipping her hand on the steering wheel she finally pulled over. At the moment a huge tree fell across the road and would have crushed them had she not stopped.

Contemporary English biochemist Rupert Sheldrake has extensively investigated the subtler senses often demonstrated by pets. Some of his accounts include: A dog who stubbornly refused to enter a pedestrian walkway which collapsed seconds later with an explosion of concrete crashing down from the ceiling. One owner was prevented by his dog from boarding a boat that blew up soon after and another pet pulled its owner away from the path of an out-of-control van before the vehicle appeared in sight.

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