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February 20, 2012

A Secret Power in Every Day

Magic is everywhere; in nature, in you, in time itself. Every day has a secret power. You have to hunt for this power though - that's why it's called a secret power. My whole life I suspected its existence, only to be told it didn't exist. Finally I decided to decide for myself. I would gather information and come to my own conclusion.

My search began with my certainty that everyone is special. We don't have to do anything to prove it. We are born that way. This idea is gaining popularity in the collective consciousness as portrayed by Lady Gaga's Born this Way Baby. But I wanted to know more, specifically, how am I special? Admittedly this is an egotistical pursuit. So maybe it's not solely, or soul-ly about me. If I was born this way maybe it's connected to the day I was born. Maybe I don't own it. Maybe I'm just responsible for it.

Next question: what's special about the day I was born? And hundreds of people are born everyday of the year so everyday must have a power in it. Has something special happened each and every day of the year?

Thus began ten years of research. Delving into libraries, prowling through bookstores and traveling the internet I looked for unsolved mysteries and unexplained phenomena for every day of the year. And found them! After that the Secret Power was obvious.

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