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March 30, 2012

Will UFOs Save Us?

Rumors have been circulating on Internet that the place to be on December 21, 2012 is Pic de Bugarach in France. It is the supposed home of powerful aliens and that on apocalypse day, the top of the mountain will open and the UFOs will emerge to rescue those gathered in the area.

But France is no stranger to alien tales.

In 1790,a UFO crashed landed in a field near Alencon, France. Surprized farmers at first thought it was a hot air balloon that caught fire. At the crash site they saw a large metal sphere had uprooted soil and plants showering them back down upon the hillside. The heat of the vessel set fire to the surrounding dry grass. Dozens of peasants began a water line to extinguish the flames and then crowded around the craft.

“All of a sudden a kind of door opened and there is the interesting thing, a person like us came out of it, but this person was dressed in a strange way, in clothes adhering completely to the body...” Apparently a hatch had slide open in the lower part of the sphere and the emerging occupant uncertainly surveyed the crowd. He began speaking in an unknown language, gesturing for everyone to move away from him and his craft. As a few people moved away, he then broke free and ran into the woods.

A sense of danger was communicated and everyone else quickly moved back from the vessel which immediately exploded with a muffled silence. A miniature mushroom-cloud formed in it place as debris from the globe hissed into the grass and turned to powder. Searches were organized to search for the weirdly dressed man. He was never found, apparently dissolving as thoroughly as his ship.

Now France and UFOs are making the news again – this time as the Armageddon destination. Read more here.

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