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February 27, 2012

Learn To Be Psychokinetic

It's not even a question - Can you learn to be psychokinetic? It's a decision - Learn to be Psychokinetic.
Some people are born with a talent for it like some people are born with a talent for music or management or slacklining. Joseph Nuzum of Pennsylvania was a natural psychokinetic as well as having pyrogenesis abilities. (He could set things on fire with his mind. And you thought the X-Files was fiction.) Joe could melt the insulated wires inside a nine-volt radio without being anywhere near it. (For more on Joe see March 14th of the Almanac of the Infamous). Ninel Kulagina is another natural. She could stop a frog's heart with her mind.

Desire is the main requirement to learning telekinesis. Followed closely by discipline. Very closely. With self discipline anything is possible. Easy beginner practices include:
  • Hold your hands over a compass. Concentrate on focusing the energy coming out of your hands on moving the compass.
  • Suspend a needle from a pencil so that it hangs inside a jar and won't be affected by your breathe or random breezes. Practice getting the needle to move with your mind; side to side of in circles.
  • Light a candle and move the flame; higher and lower, side to side and in circles with your mind.
Dedication is everything.

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