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May 4, 2012

Curiosity Uncovers New Clue to Missing Roanoke Colony

Curiousity is arguably, in my opinion, one of the most important qualities for an satisfying life; right up there after integrity. Curiosity leads us on bold, new explorations. Curiousity brings delight to the intellect and now, curiousity has uncovered a new clue to the Roanoke settlers who disappeared over 400 years ago.

The "Virginea Pars" map of Virginia and North Carolina was created by explorer and expedition leader  John White in the 1580s. The blue eyed British Colonists, whom he had brought to start a new life in America, were left on their own while White went back to England for further supplies. When he returned three years later everyone had mysteriously disappeared.

The map has belonged to the British Museum for nearly 150 years. Recently, First Colony Foundation board member, Brent Lane let his curiousity get the better of him, pointed to the map and asked "What's under those two patches?" Thus the first clue to the whereabouts of this seminal group in four centuries was revealed. The only other clue of note was when White returned to the uninhabited Roanoke Island and found the word CROATOAN carved into a wooden post.

One was the patches appeared to have been applied to correct a mistake in the shoreline of the Pamlico River. The other patch, however, revealed the possible location of a fort. More on this fascinating history mystery here.


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