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January 17, 2012

Gigantic Emerald Weighs 25 lbs

Could be yours - if you have a few million dollars sitting around in petty cash. The soon-to-be world famous gemstone, Teodora (Gift of God), goes to auction later this January in Kelowna, BC. It's the fifth largest emerald in the world but the largest cut emerald.

In occult history the emerald (not the Teodora, it's too large) can cure eye diseases when placed over the organ - sapphires also work. From the mid 1300s comes a recipe for a remedy against the Black Plague using one sixth of a drachm of each pearls, jargoons, emeralds and coral. Emeralds are recommended for amulets to be used by children to prevent epilepsy, by women to drive off fears and evil spirits.

This beautiful green gem also is credited with strengthening the memory, giving knowledge of the future, revealing adultery and increasing wealth.

And my favorite emerald of all; The Emerald Tablet of Hermes - which very simplified says AS ABOVE SO BELOW

But back to Teodora - Read more about this fascinating gemstone here where I stole the picture from.


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