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June 15, 2011

Brain Rays: Russia's Secret Weapon?

Travelling through southwest Utah a few months ago we came upon a glorious junk store. Tucked into a bottom corner of a toppling shelf were a stack of 'Cornonet' magazines. Now I had never heard of these before but they are a researcher's treasure. I tried not to be greedy and only bought seven about the twenty or so magazines that were there. Have been kicking myself ever since. They actually is a place for greed or whatever it's called when it's not neurotic. Silly me.

In any case, inside the June 1955 issue I discovered an article titled "Brain Rays: Russia's Secret Weapon". You can definitely tell the bias of the writer Tris Coffin. Funny name for a person writing on this topic. Here's an excerpt:

"A new and frightening weapon to enslave the minds of the free world is being tested by Soviet Russia and Communist China. (This is written before the minds of the free world were enslaved by advertising - JRV) It has a double blade - the evil use of both hypnotism and telepathy. Under its spell, men are driven to commit acts against their moral, spiritual and patriotic code.

... the ancient mysticism of the Orient is being blended with modern science to produce a maddening compulsion
(See? Just like advertising.) This is no weird tale from the realm of fiction. Sobering data in the State and Defense Department at Washington show that these techniques have been tested on prisoners of war, missionaries, and key officials of the West.

... First warning of the new techniques was in a letter sent in 1949 to President Truman from Havana, Cuba. The author, obviously a cultured and disciplined mind, identified himself as a refugee German doctor, one of several German scientists who had created a new force. They could hypnotize individuals across long distances
(exactly like television I say) without physical contact, and force them to obey commands.

Ah, if they only knew what was coming ...

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