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June 9, 2011

Elk Wakes Up in Helicopter

How would you like to be piloting a helicopter when the two sedated elk in the back wake up early ... and start flailing? Just one of the many adventures surrounding Scottish millionaire Paul Lister as he follows his heart.

People who live with passion 'are the luckiest people in the world'. And also Mr. Lister is fortunate enough to not have financial considerations to hold him back I
believe many of us use lack of money as an excuse not to make our dreams come true. There is always something we can do to further our desires. We only need to know the next step and we always do. Once that step is taken then we will know the next next step.

To read about Paul's brilliant and bold plan to repopulate Scotland with native wildlife from long-a-go and how the first baby elk was birthed in the highlands in over 2500 years plus to see where I stole the picture from go here. Then go follow your heart.

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