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November 23, 2011


Stories of the elusive bigfoot abound. Two of the more well known episodes are the attack at Ape Canyon, near Mt St Helen's in Washington, 1924 and the Ruby Creek Incident in southwest British Columbia in 1941. Both accounts are about a few more aggressive encounters with the creature.

At Ape Canyon a group of gold miners found their cabin under assault as the creatures hurled rocks down upon the roof from a cliff above and attempted to break into the log structure. This was probably because one of the prospectors had fired his rifle at one of the sasquatch earlier in the day.

At Ruby Creek a mother and her three children were at their isolated homestead on Ruby Creek, the husband being away working on the railroad, when the nine-year-old boy came running to the cottage yelling that a big cow was coming through the woods. As the creature came crashing through the woods and approached their home the mom grabbed a blanket to hold up so hide her children behind. They made their way out of the house and to safety as the sasquatch was distracted by a barrel of salted salmon.

Now a group of 'squatchers' are headed out into the woods of northern California in search proof (which has been incredibly difficult to find) that the ape-like animals exist. The game, is once more, a foot. Read more here.

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