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September 27, 2011

Truckers Tangle with Aliens

The above mystery appears on November 28 in the Almanac of the Infamous. In 1954, two truckers in Venezuela, Gustavo Gonzales and Jose Ponce, found their way blocked by a UFO hovering over the road. When they stopped to investigate they were attacked by a gang of hairy dwarfs with glowing eyes and sharp claws.

Being the research junkie that I am, I keep my eyes open for further information even after the story is apparently finished. Sometimes I am well rewarded. Doing my weekly run of garage sales I came across a magazine with more details. It seems that the truckers weren't the first to encounter these aggressive assailants.

During the next month, two rabbit hunters were attacked by four of the miniature aliens. Taking aim, one of the hunters had his shotgun blown apart in his hands. Only days later, three men were walking in the woods of the Ministry of Agriculture's Exposition Park. One of them wandered off on his own. The two friends soon heard his screams and came rushing to his rescue. They reached the unconscious man in time to see a hairy little man jump into a shiny saucer and fly away.

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