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June 30, 2010

Who Creates Crop Circles?

A intricate new crop circle has been discovered in Wiltshire, Britain. Composed of about two hundred smaller circles laid out in mathematical precision, the consensus on some chat forums seems to be that the idea of the circles being done by aliens is ridiculous and that they are created by vandals.

Really? That's like saying that pirates buried the treasure on Oak Island. I mean really - most groups of people can't even get along well enough to organize painting the old boards around a hockey rink so how is anyone going to get a group big enough and trained enough to gather in the dark and lay out an elaborate hoax? And why would they bother?

Now I'm not saying yay or nay to aliens being the ones responsible, but why not? It seems we are far too dismissive of anything that demands an opening of our mental tunnel vision.

Personally, I believe that some type of sound wave is involved in the evolution of these splendidly stylized structures. Which brings up the question, since when has recent man ever been interested in creating something so awesome but so impermanent? A change of weather and all that hard work simply vanishes.

Picture stolen from this article here.

Come back and let me know how you think crop circles are created.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT do those two brit drunkards with ropes and sticks drink? I'd like some of that!

June 30, 2010

Blogger Juanita Rose Violini said...

Don't forget that they had those beanies with the wire hanging in front of their noses so they could line things up properly.

June 30, 2010


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