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June 10, 2010

Awesome Archeology

This is totally tremendous. Would you believe that a shoe older than The Great Pyramid of Egypt and Stonehenge has been found buried in sheep dung in a cave in Armenia. To me this is thrilling and I wish that discovering past cultures were more important than making war and destroying them.

Wait ... wait ... have to push my soapbox aside ... or I'm just another dissonant.

Who wore this shoe? Probably the person who made it but that's just an uneducated guess - though it makes sense. In another 5000 years, what will people think when they uncover stiletto high heels shoes? Ceremonial purposes? Perhaps for human sacrifices? They might be more right than we're willing to realize. (squeak ... squeak ... squeak... soapbox trying to sneak back onstage)

Check out this cool article on the shoe and the woman who found it here. I'm going to steal their picture just to entice you further and thanks to PLoS ONE / Ron Pinhasi, Boris Gasparian, et al which is what it says below the photo and I assume is some kind of credit.

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