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May 21, 2010

Barb(ie) meets Boog(ie)

I'm going to vote 'hoax' on this one. Apparently this bit of weirdness was pulled from a lake by a dog. It looks like a bad day at the Barbie factory when one of the beauty queens cross pollinated with the Boogie man and then went once around the block with some weird pig creature. It's the luxurious hair that makes me think of dolls.

But then I could be wrong. (I often am and usually when I think someone else is screwing up.) Anyways if this was April 1st, I would refuse to be so gullible. But what do you think? Read the article and post your opinion. I'm wondering how others see it. Be honest now! There are better (or worse) pictures with the article but I just couldn't bring myself to look at them very long.

Speaking of honest, I stole the picture from the website but hope that linking back to the article covers all copyright infringement. Again, I could be wrong.


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