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October 2, 2009

Comfort Zone

I am definitely feeling stretched! The book - it works!

Sort of a silly thing for the author to say but I've been taking myself at my word and the old 'comfort zone' is nowhere to be seen. One of the things the Almanac talks about, in the metaphysical portion, is that being constantly comfortable is going nowhere. We have to push ourselves - at this time I think this is the only thing that works.

Life as an experiment as well as an experience - and I am experimenting and experiencings as never before. Radio interviews are my equivalent of 'going boldly' where I have never gone before. Pretty wild stuff. I feel like a wallflower whose wall has been removed.

Would love to hear of others experiences in leaving their comfort zones.

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Anonymous Alison Bruce said...

I'm just stepping my toes into the sea you are swimming in. I just sent a media release and personal message to the owner of a bookstore that regularly gets authors like Margaret Atwood to appear there . . . but it's my local independent bookstore so I have to try, right?

October 03, 2009

Blogger Juanita Rose Violini said...

Definitely! You're a great writer so get it out there. Persistence is a big piece of success. Do whatever you have to to get attention. This is where you leave your comfort zone far behind.

October 03, 2009


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