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September 13, 2009

New Video - Molten Rain

The research for the Almanac involved hundreds of real-life mysteries. Juanita's criteria for inclusion into the book - verifiable from at least two different sources, a true mystery, before the year 2000, and more - meant that some didn't make the cut. Also, there are only so many mysteries you can put into a 365-day book.

So ... I've taken a few of the better mysteries from the trimmed pile and turned them into Youtube videos. Partly this is to advertise the Almanac, but also because some of these mysteries are simply too good not to do anything with. Watch them; you'll see what I mean.

They are also tremendous fun to put together.

Here is the first in the Incredible Almanac Youtube series, a mystery about an afternoon of molten rain. I call it Too Hot To Handle.

Enjoy it. Pass it around.


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