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September 5, 2009

Google Has It Right

Sept 4, 2009: Google has chosen today to honour the incredible number of searches it gets for 'unexplained phenomenon'.

More and more, people are experiencing the sensation that there is something more to this world than what we simply see - call it a feeling, an intuition, but it's too pervasive to be dismissed. Thus, people begin their search. You can read more about it on Greg Bishop's UFO Mystic blog, here.

What better time to get a book with 365 of the world's most amazing occurrences and unexplainable events? What better time to pick one up for your friend? A shameless plug, I know, but hey, it's our blog, and it happens to be true.

Mystery really is all around us. The unexplained is out there. Maybe, with a daily dose of the unusual and the incredible, we can sharpen our senses to see more deeply into the mysterious world we live in.

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