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August 23, 2009


Hey, welcome all to the incredible blog! Get ready for some super interesting stuff and plenty of non-sequiturs. This is going to be my opportunity to ramble, rant, occasionally rave and generally see what pops out.

Sometimes my best stuff happens that way. Ok. Sometimes my worse stuff too.

Let's start with this:

Yesterday for the first time I came across the term 'psychic instinct'. Now I always thought - um no - assumed is probably more accurate, that instinct was instinct but this got me thinking about different subtleties that might be involved.

Good old 'animal instinct' for those basic survival needs.

'Psychic instinct' might be for those times when you show up somewhere 'in the nick of time' to help someone.

'Telephone instinct' for when you're thinking of someone and they phone. Ok this might be starting to be a little silly.

'Fashion instinct' - something I am sadly lacking but I think it might be teachable. Can instinct be taught?

Ok let's go back to psychic instinct. The other day I was in toll booth number two because some of the stuff in toll booth number one wasn't working. I decided I needed to go to toll booth number one to get some change and as soon as I entered, the phone started to ring. I answered it and it was someone reporting an emergency. Maybe it was a combination of psychic instinct AND telephone instinct. (but that's just being silly)

Lucky I was there to answer the phone huh? And it turns out I didn't need change after all. Hmmmmmmm.

Would love to hear what other kinds of instinct people have experience with - as well as some funky instinct suggestions.

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