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February 4, 2011

"Yes," admitted the prisoner, "I am a werewolf."

Dark times lived in Gascony, France in 1603. Innocent children were plucked from their beds to suffer a hideous fate. Mass hysteria descended on the village when 13-year-old Marguerite Poirer swore before the magistrate that on the night of the full moon she was savagely attacked by a wolf-like beast while tending her cattle. Luckily she was able to drive the creature off with her sturdy, iron pointed staff.

Jeanne Gaboriaut, 18-years-old, told the judge that 14-year-old Jean Grenier had made advances on her and when she denied him because of his yellow complexion and dirty appearance he told her "That is because of the wolf's skin I wear." The creepy jerk told shepherdess that his wealthy employer gave him a pelt to put on that he might go "haunting" the woods and fields. There where nine other like himself, who roamed the forest between dusk and dawn. Grenier immediately was arrested.


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