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February 12, 2011

Voynich Manuscript

The 'Most Mysterious Manuscript in the World' has now been radio carbon dated back to between 1404 - 1438; making it 100 years older than previously thought and 250 years older than the Gutenberg bible. Experts, however, are no closer to decoding the cryptic script which has recently been described as making "the "DaVinci Code" look downright lackluster."

It has been suggested that the tome, written on animal skin, is the work of alchemist/scientist Roger Bacon. It is richly illustrated with tiny naked women, 113 unidentified plant species, zodiac signs, courtly figures and other baffling pictures. The Voynich Manuscript is on page 178 in Almanac of the Infamous. I love it when new information on old mysteries is revealed.

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